Monday, August 22, 2011

JDeveloper Extension: OSB Artifacts Importer

Recently, I developed a new JDeveloper Extension I find quite useful, the "OSB Artifacts Importer": It is capable to import XML artifacts (WSDLs and XSDs) from OSB export files (sbconfig.jar) into any JDeveloper folder.

Why? JDeveloper itself is able to import artifacts, but flattens all dependent artifacts into the XSD folder. For very complex XML data models as AIA or OAGi, I find it more useful to keep the original folder structure. OSB's web console does this very nicely with the "Resources from URL" bulk import functionality.

OSB Artifacts Importer Download (originally developed for JDev
I do the following e.g. to load OAGi XML data models:

1. Create a project and folder structure in OSB:


2. Import - Bulk - Resource from URL:


3. Export project to sbconfig.jar

4. Use OBSArtifactsImporter to import to JDev's xsd folder of SOA project

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