Monday, May 3, 2010

Setting up a SOA development environment

A few tips for setting up a SOA Suite ( development environment:

If you want to run everything on one single machine (e.g. your laptop), choose an 64bit OS to be able to use at least 4GB of memory. 8GB would be even better. I run fine on Win7 64bit, although it's not certified, yet.

Steps to install:

1. Install a 64bit SUN 1.6JDK, latest release (20).
2. Install a 11g database you don't have to patch afterwards, e.g.
Choose custom install and choose the minimal possible memory settings. Use UTF-8 character set.
3. Run the RCU to create the SOA repository in the database.
4. Install weblogic 10.3.3, choose your 64bit JDK.
5a. Install SOA into the weblogic home, choose your 64bit JDK.
5b. Install SOA patch into the existing home, choose your 64bit JDK.
6. Create a SOA domain. You're fine (for dev!) to choose manual caonfig, delete all managed servers and put just everything (SOA, BAM, ...) into the admin server. Makes starting easier. Just pump au the memory settings in setSOADomainEnv.cmd by doubling or tripling xms, xmx and permsize.
7. Install JDev with it's 32bit JDK. 64bit JDK just doesn't start.
8. Install SOA extension.
9. Install BPM extension.

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